5 HTP Supplement For Weight Loss

5 HTP Appetite Suppressant Review

The 5-HTP is a vitamin supplement that people find has many uses. People use the 5 HTP supplement for seizure disorders, headaches, obesity, and a host of other problems. According to the 5-HTP review, the supplement may be effective for illnesses like depression, severe pain, stiffness in the body.

The supplement has been known to also be ineffective for many things with one being tension headaches. People that take the 5-HTP supplement for tension headaches do not seem to receive any pain relief from taking it. When taking the supplement, considering the dosage taken is important because it can depend on many things. Age and the current health of the person taking the supplement are important on how much is consumed.

The 5 HTP Supplement Review

It is not recommended that a person take the 5 HTP supplement with any other medications, especially depression medications. The supplement contains Serotonin, which is also located in other medications for depression. If a person is already on a depression medication while taking this supplement, this could cause serious problems.

There are other medications that are not safe to take with 5-HTP, but good research can inform people on what to take with it and what not to take. 5-HTP has been recommended to be avoided if at all possible due to the serious side effect, Eosinophillia Myalgia Syndrome, that it may cause.

5-HTP Research

More scientific research is needed to see exactly what serious effects 5-HTP really has on those that take it. Some known side effects that it causes are stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea. The 5-HTP supplement is found in Griffonia Simpliclifolia, an herb used for people that want to lose weight.

5-HTP is found in the seeds of Griffonia Simpliclifolia and turns into a dietary supplement once it is extracted from the seeds. As with any other medication or supplement, this product should be recommended by a physician first before taking.

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